All smiles after a thrilling trial lesson at Bicester Gliding Centre



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Take a Trial Lesson in a Glider!

Come along for a thrilling trial glider flight at the Bicester Gliding Centre in Oxfordshire! Only 12 miles north of Oxford.

Please read the Terms and conditions before purchasing a voucher.

We offer three levels of trial lesson voucher, all available through our online shop, with flights in either a glider or motor glider:-

Trail lesson flights make an ideal gift!

The Basic Glider Flight - £79 - an aerotow to 2000ft, up to 20 mins in the air available every weekend of the year and mid-week. This can also be taken as one winch launched lesson, with up to 20 mins total flying time.
The winch launched option is only available mid-week.
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The Standard Glider Flight - 99 - an aerotow to 3000ft, up to 30 mins in the air. This can also be taken as three winch launched lessons, with up to 30 mins total flying time.
Availability - please see the Basic Glider Flight above.
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The Premium Glider Flight - 119 - is either an aerotow to 4000 ft or two aerotows to 2000ft, and up to 40 mins in the air - at the discretion of the instructor on the day.
The premium trial lesson can also be flown as up to 4 winch launched flights, with up to 40 minutes in the air.
Availability - please see the Basic Glider Flight above.
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You can upgrade any mid-week trial lesson flight to include a video of the flight for £15.

Take a Trial Lesson in a Motor Glider!

A motor glider trial lesson ensures you have the maximum time in the air if the weather is not soarable .

The Basic Motor Glider Flight - £79 - a 20 minute flight in our motor glider.
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The Standard Motor Glider Flight - £99 - a 30 minute flight in our motor glider.
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The Premium Motor Glider Flight - £159 - a full one hour in our motor glider.
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The Motor Glider Trial lesson enables you, if weather conditions are suitable, to fly over Silverstone or Oxford. The shorter time of a Basic flight may not always allow you to go far from the airfield.
Available seven days a week.

You can upgrade any mid-week trial lesson flight to include a video of the flight for £15.

Terms and Conditions for your voucher

Refund Policy

Refunds can be requested within 14 days of purchase unless the activity has already been booked. Refunds after this period will be at our sole discretion and will be subject to a £10 or 20% (whichever is greater) fee. Note that refunds can only be made to the purchaser. Refunds will not be made to a Voucher holder who is not the purchaser, or any third party. Should we cancel due to aircraft unavailability or poor weather, we reserve the right to offer an alternative date and time. Should this not be acceptable we will offer a full refund to the original purchaser. This will be the limit of our liability and we will not be responsible for any costs incurred such as travel or accommodation.

Introductory Membership

An introductory membership is also available for newcomers to gliding, for three months, for £200. This can only be purchased once. This membership starts from the day of your first flight, and all flights are at club member rates.


There are weight and height restrictions. Please check before booking a trial lesson if you are over 16st / 100kg or over 6' 2" tall. You can take along a camera, but it MUST use a neck-strap to firmly attach it to your person. We cannot fly persons under 14 yrs of age.


Want to know more? Email us or call 01869 252493 (answered at almost any time of day!)
Or buy online via our secure shop - pay via your credit card using PayPal (no account necessary with PayPal.).

The Bicester Gliding Centre trial lesson voucher is a great way to see if gliding is for you. You don't have to use it immediately - you have 12 months from the day of purchase in which to choose the best day to suit you! That's plenty of time to ensure good weather for your flight.

The Trial Lesson

Following a safety briefing and some ground instruction, you will take to the sky in one of our dual-control two-seater training gliders, with a British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructor. You will be shown the basic methods of controlling the glider, then take control and fly the glider yourself. Yes, you actually get to fly the glider around the sky, with the instructor monitoring what happens via his set of controls. It is not difficult at all. Eventually the instructor takes over and lands the glider.

Our instructors will always endeavor to find thermals to keep the glider airborne for a reasonable time. We want you to have as good a time as possible, to share our enthusiasm for this fantastic sport. After the flight you will be presented with a certificate to prove you did it!

Don't just dream about a flight - do it! You know you want to.